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Mr B.F.F

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Welcome to Mr B.F.F's Gaming Website! ------------------------------------------------- The Official Website for everything Mr B.F.F! Gaming, logging and blogging.


IMPORTANT: Welcome to our new website! Thanks for your patience while the Maintenance occured.

Update: New content added: My own speedruns and Web Projects. Now mobile friendly everywhere!

Hi everyone! My name is Mr B.F.F, Welcome to my website! LGL.png

I game, work and program.

I reached 1.4K subs on YouTube and around 800 followers on Instagram as well as 100 members on my Discord server.

With the lead of social media, I have made friends and started growing as much as I can with videos and text. My videos are dedicated to mainly video games in which other people like and support. Everytime I look at something educational and interesting on YouTube, I have the knowledge and strength on how to grow and how to use common sense in a wide range of subjects.

The Games I usually post on YouTube....

Wii Sports Series

Wii Play

DKR (N64)

Pilotwings Resort

And many more!

What I am good at - My Top 3

Discord Bot
I built and developed a Discord Bot for my fans to try! With a friend named James, he helped us code our way to successfully making the bot go online. It's currently released for users to add to their servers.

The bot has been added to over 75 active servers are opened and we'll will be applying for verification soon enough.

With the understanding of coding, and SSH, I can start up a free project using Lightsail. Check out my new page on Web Developments and Projects to see where I am at with Amazon Web Services.

BTW, I really like AWS Lightsail, great for start-ups too.

Building a Projects Channel.
I have made a projects channel related to other stuff besides the Wii. It has a staggering 950+ subs. The goal is to get 2 of my own channel to surpass 1K subs!

Thanks to the Meme Video I created, it really helped me reach this achievment.


Discord and Twitter

What Games am I playing?

Check this list in real-time!



This is the game status tag for the Wii Console. You can see the games I play while this actively changes from time to time. Latest starting from Right to left.

Wii U Tag:


This tag above is for my Wii U console when I record videos. See the games I play from there for the very latest.

What does my website serve?

Here on Mr B.F.F's Website, I record and log my creative content so check back here from time to time. Everything I make and create here is completely authentic by me. I will log notes or news or record behind the scenes action on the website. This website is secured. Have fun navigating!


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