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Welcome to Mr B.F.F's Gaming Website! ------------------------------------------------- The Official Website for everything Mr B.F.F! Gaming, logging and blogging.

× IMPORTANT: We are planning Website Maintenance. In the upcoming days, we'll be updating our website. During the Maintenance, our website will not be down. Update: 3DS Themes are removed. This helps us preserve bandwidth and more space to our site.
Hi everyone! My name is Mr B.F.F, Welcome to my website! LGL.png I game, work and program. I reached 1.4K subs on YouTube and around 800 followers on Instagram as well as 100 members on my Discord server. With the lead of social media, I have made friends and started growing as much as I can with videos and text. My videos are dedicated to mainly video games in which other people like and support. Everytime I look at something educational and interesting on YouTube, I have the knowledge and strength on how to grow and how to use common sense in a wide range of subjects. List of game that I record.
Wii Sports Series
Wii Play
DKR (N64)
Pilotwings Resort
And many more! These are some stuff I worked on: DISCORD BOT This is my Website dedicated to my Play Room, open Mods and my own material! For the Playroom, I use a Discord bot for moderation. With a friend named James, he helped us code our way to successfully making the bot go online. It's currently released for users to add to their servers. THIS WEBSITE With the understanding of coding, I work relentlessly for a few hours with the proper tools and coding languages I need to make this wonderful website, and still going. Check @mrbffyt on Twitter for site status and updates. MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL With millions uploading to YT, my channel is all about gaming. I have a cool dedicated audience in which they support me. 5 years and my channel never falls down. :)
GAME MODS As time progressed I worked on gamemods I used to serve. As time went by, I no longer release them publically on the website. Twitter Discord

Game Tags: Wii

tag.png This is the game status tag for the Wii Console.
You can see the games I play while this actively changes from time to time. Latest starting from Right to left.

Wii U Tag:

RiiTag This tag above is for my Wii U console when I record videos. See the games I play from there for the very latest. What does my website serve? Here on Mr B.F.F's Website, I record and log my creative content so check back here from time to time. Everything I make and create here is completely approved by me. I will log notes or news or record behind the scenes action on the website. This website is secured. Have fun navigating!

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