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Hello. My name is Mr B.F.F. I am currently in Canada. I started a hobby of doing a Podcast which served downfall. So then I began playing games when I was way young and I evolved in many games back in that time. I started with the N64, that was the first time I started gaming. Then I went to the flagship of the Wii. I played so many games until 2017 where I started a YouTube channel where it all be about Wii Sports. My channel is evolved in so many ways, it got rare fan base. Just about a year ago (or two), I home-brewed my vWii console in around late 2018. That's where my ultimate journey began. I am producing so many new stuff. I got to do some many new things, some stressed me out, and some I still work on. I still continue to play Wii games from time to time while doing work. 3 words to describe myself, cheerful, friendly and caring. The about page will change from time to time. What is the Play Room about? We play so many games and we can modify them or make new games of our own! Please visit the Play Room page so you know all of the bits! -Mr B.F.F
There are ways to get in touch with Mr B.F.F directly. Email for contact or business inquiries: [email protected] [email protected] Email below for customs, product promotions or advertising: [email protected] If you want to donate: Donate with PayPal button Donations will go towards renewing my website domain and purchasing new equipment on "My Tools" page. To report site issues or feedback: Tag @mrbffyt on Twitter, or contact [email protected] for help.