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Get to know me more or if you have questions, here is some of them.

Due to the AMP features blocking certain web design features, the answers are opened and are assigned above each question.

We don't support games that are hard to mod, I don't like or is unsupported.

There are many I do like to credit but Brawlcrate is one, thx for your tools :)

No, we do not do that and that would be considered illegal.

Let me know so I can update it!

Yes! Let me know via contact! I can prioritise some requests!

Please give me a contact! There will be no immediate job but we'll add you to our team.

We do bot maintenance every Sundays.

You may tip me on Paypal over here!

1y. Domain purchase, 2 website layouts, one had to be this one for approximately 1 day and 5 hours.

I do not support your custom 3DS themes here but I am always open to suggestions for my future projects and themes.

Yep. Sometimes emails get ignored so therefore not all requests get in. I have an audience but doesn't seem really cheerful for you to support you just yet!

Uh-huh. Please do. However I upload in my own convenience meaning the date and time I post on.

Not at the moment. Amazon is a good place to go for me, :)

Let me know via email or Discord - Mr B.F.F#5418


Homebrew Crash.