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My Gamemods is no longer publically available!

I have made the decision to remove my game mods as I reflect back and move on with other stuff. This website may have lots of opportunities, but there will be more notes about my work, life and other stuff I want to share with you all. Stay tuned for the news. I'll keep you updated! This might be disappointing but I am moving on for my safety of this website if a takedown ever happens.

As a matter a fact, I seen spin-offs from my mods (game can't be mentioned for legal reasons) or replaced the files in sources in GameBanana, reddit, etc..... I didn't mind it personally. Some even stole it and made it as their own which I thought that wouldn't happen as I saw them....

As this website gets mature, there will be greater changes ahead and I will have to comply with the Terms of Services, Policies and rules as things escalate.

For more info, you may visit my Discord Server here: https://discord.gg/bjRf8Sj

No, I didn't ditch it, I still support it and you can find it on my Internet Archive Page. Under the "WSRH Module Files".

https://archive.org/details/ @mr_b_f_f