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      This is the room for Mr B.F.F's Play Room

      The game Mr B.F.F's Play Room is currently on testing! If you want to be a helper in this team, 
      consider contacting me for more information.
      We also program games like Super Millionaire Client, which is a private game.
      Compliments of the play room, you can use my Discord bot!
      You may add my bot whenever you like, no problem!
      Want my bot to join your server?
      Provided by Mr B.F.F's Play Room, here is a functional bot that formerly uses node.js 
      to provide small messages that the bot makes!
      We don't plan making a support server at the moment as the bot is not invited to many communities.
      The bot is still consistantly online everyday as the best it can stay active.
      This bot now uses python to keep it more active and maintains maintenence everytime.
      Feel free to invite the bot to your server.
      Upon server arrival, use the prefix mr!help to get started.
  Invite Bot to Server!
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