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Web Development / Projects / Projects Channel.

Thanks for 900+ subscribers on the projects channel! Check us out!

I built a Discord bot, extremely made of code. As we grow, we plan to build more great stuff in the near future.


Our bot has hit high achievements and is in a bunch of servers. Verification to come!

Our bot uses, say Sup, and he will say Sup back to you! Trigger the bot with mr!help, or you can try mr!tip!

I use AWS to help build some projects in development. More details to come in the near future! But it's nice to always be creating and programming!


AWS Lightsail is a great place to start up a website or hobby here, I like to use this service and create lots of instances there.


I use cloud hosting to create a cPanel profile! We have our own hosting account to run our websites, me and my partners own.



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