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Welcome to the Stories Page.

As more stories rack up, more pages will be added, more time, more effort. I wanted to add more unique content so there will be more goodies to come! Anything can come from mind like gaming, blogging and more!

Episode 1 - The Podcast and Life

It's yet a new era for Mr B.F.F as things turn around. With life going on, it's hard to save time while doing work and I merely have to announce it via the announcements or the community page.... Last week, I had lots of fun working on the Podcast, Me and Macaroni stopped by and was able to produce the last 2 episodes our the Podcast that were are able to contribute.

I remember when while I was in the podcast, I started it off real well until more stress built up of course. So it was acquired by Andrew and his team.

I wish Angelo, Andrew and the staff all the best of their podcast.

In the meanwhile, I did make some projects and some short videos for my Projects channel to help me relax and I am still having a blast.

Every once a while on the weekends, I will most likely sit down and play my Xbox then relax since there's nothing much to do than visit websites I like and get along with others.

I do plan to create a podcast to start off and hopefully that blasts off so I am looking forward to that.

Once I get my focus on gaming again, I will be able to share with you all and what I could possibly find in my discoveries.

When stress built up, it was time to leave many things and projects and just focused on one core and stay on it.

That included the Game Mods. However I still support it but I am taking time away to be productive with more friends and others around me during these times.



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